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Posted: March 19th, 2007, 2:09 pm
by VerySuave
Hey, this is Jason ... I used to be work at CompuByte as programmer and salesman (and most often as Basit's personal grammar and spell-checker.) I wonder why he appears to not have found a suitable replacement in that regard!

Well, I haven't been involved with the Compu-Byte software for awhile but do still support some old-time customers with old versions who I have never been able to extricate myself from after opening my own business in the security industry.

I have to acknowledge that CompuByte is one of the finest POS software packages around. No frills, no fuss - just ease-of-use and some powerful functions not found in more commercially-available branded packages. It's easy to underestimate Compu-Byte when you first see it, but scratch under the surface and you'll find a nice surprise!

As far as Basit is concerned ... knowing him is loving him. He has always been brash and seemingly-rude, and his lack of patience is legendary! But he is a likeable person with a good heart and I think his eccentricities sometimes overrule his true nature. You just gotta get to know him - that's what I used to tell the customers who would phone me for support 'cos they were too scared to ask Basit again!!!! :lol: HAHAhahaha

Just a comment on these forums - very nice, layout is impressive and functionality is great ... but one little negative? --- Where the heck can someone trying to actually BUY compu-Byte by downloading it find it in these pages. You need to make it visible and captivating on the very first page when you arrive at this website. Eg: CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE LATEST COMPU-BYTE!!!

Enough of the complaining already! Nice to see you are still rocking Basit! Good luck with all your future ventures.

8) Jason

So Sauve . . .

Posted: March 22nd, 2007, 1:58 am
by basit
Hi Jason,

I know you lost the pony tail ; it's been years since I seen you . . Still charming the gal's. . Thats why they always called you and not me *hehe* :lol:

Hey U !! my grammar ain't that bad ; I can now even spel(Is it 1 L or 2); where is the bloo'min spell checker when you need it .

For all the other things you had to say . . shikes not true at ALL !!! 8)

The CompuByte package has changed over the years . .and the New .Net version will be available from this site in a few weeks time and WE WILL THAN HAVE A BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG link to pricing and downloading . .

Keep well and do visit us . . we now in Oak Avenue Randburg 372 Atlas Park 1st Floor.


Posted: September 17th, 2015, 11:01 pm
by basit