Benefits of having a CompuByte Service Contract

*Most point of sale software companies charge between R3000 and R7000 per annum just for a yearly license or update – With CompuByte you pay a small monthly charge which covers all updates and support on the product.

*Telephonic support if you not on a support contract cost anything between R250 and R500 per call, if you on a service contract this is free. Think about this… if you call just two times without having a service contract a year you will have already paid what it would have cost you to monthly subscribe for the full year.

*Service contracted clients always get priority in terms of getting service and we ensure that all contracted clients have access to all our latest updates either trough our email services or the website on

*Those clients that do not have internet access we can provide same at a low cost of R79pm that would include three email accounts and 20mb web hosting space.

*Service contracted clients can also choose to receive updates on CD. (Each CD will be posted at our cost to you for only R50).

*CompuByte does updates and modifications to the software that enhances the product as well as provide many new features to the program as a service contract client you get these updates at no extra cost.

*As a service contract client you can freely suggest to our developing team what type of changes you would like to have that would enhance the software.

For support you can use our call back service by leaving a call me sms on the numbers +(27) 845667786 or call +(27) 824104777 and get support immediately.

*If your need to sign up with us, initial each page, and sign in full last page. Fax to :-  082 417 4031 Post to : P.O Box 1975 – Houghton 2041  South Africa

Support Information (chargers) if not on a Service Contract :-

1) Before support is provides the support call has to be pre-paid (R500) into our bank account -(i.e R250 call charge plus the R250 for assistance for that call).

2) No support is guaranteed you will have to wait until a support agent is available.

3) Call out to premises with include a kilometer cost based on AA (South Africa) rates, plus the time spent at the premises based on the hourly charge of R250.

4) Client will not be able to download any new updates and will have to purchase updates at a Yearly Rate. This is calculated as follows:  From date the software was installed or last yearly contract terminated to date the number of months elapsed will be calculated, this would be multiplied by the cost of the contract per month plus 30% - Example you terminate your contract end April05 and on 1 Jan 06 you decide you need to purchase an update, the cost for this would be (R600 x 8months (May to Dec) + 30% = R6240.00) – If the amount payable exceeds the cost of purchasing the newest software you have the option to buy the new package of the website.

Service Contract Agreement



 (herein referred to as the contractor )



(herein referred to as the client )

1.  On receipt of a call from the client during normal business hours(8:30am to 5:00pm) and after logging the call with required service contract number, the contractor will try to assist first telephonically, thereafter via the modem and if the problem is still not resolved the contractor will go out to the clients premises within a window period of six hours. The client will not have to pay the standard labour and traveling costs if the contract has been prepaid either monthly or yearly.

2. Should the contractor fail to respond within the window period of six hours, the monthly contract fees for that month would be fully credited and the client would then have the option to terminate this contract within 24 hours.  If the client does not terminate the contract in writing within 24 hours, the contractor will then accept that the service contract remains in place.

3. The price of the contract will be fixed for a period of one year from the date of signing the contract.  After which it will be reviewed and amended accordingly.

4. The contract can be terminated at any time by the client or contractor provided that a month notice is given.  The client will forfeit the month pre-paid or any monies paid in advance. The contract is a yearly contract and cannot be terminated before the one year period.

5. The Software service contract does not cover alterations, amendments or any changes to the existing programs or any other software .  The data integrity of your back-ups and the carrying out of all back-ups is the sole responsibility of the client and the contractor will not be liable for any loss of information due to power failure, lack of backups or any other cause whatsoever.

6. All programs supplied by the contractor and tailored for the client will be owned by the contractor at all times.  The client will have use of these programs on the computers upon which they are installed for an indefinite period, however this right of usage will cease to exist if the client unlawfully circulates, modifies or copies the programs for use on unauthorised computers.  Any piracy of the package will be punishable according to copyright infringement legislation and offenders will be criminally prosecuted.

7. Under no circumstances will the contractor be liable for any damages against improper function of any program or loss of any data should the problem be a result of incorrect procedural usage, neglect to perform required procedures, or abuse of the software.  However should the problem arise out of defective program code causing the program not to function as it is specifically intended, the contractor will be fully liable to resolve any such errors as they occur.  Reprogramming resolution turn-around times will depend on the scale of the problem, but the contractor will undertake to bring about a resolution in as little time as is possible.

8. The contractor will undertake to ensure that the clients' information is kept confidential at all times.

9. Hardware will be maintained at standard call out rates.

10. If any of the clients' cheques are returned unpaid or the client's account is in arrears, then the contract will automatically be terminated within seven days of such arrears.  And all monies outstanding for the full yearly contract will be payable immediately. 

11. In case of any dispute arising which cannot be resolved by the parties concerned then the matter should be arbitrated at the local magistrates court in Johannesburg.

12. The cost for the full service and maintenance contract per month will be:

Option A

Single Terminal User

Option B

2-3 Terminals User

Option C

Above 3 Terminals User

R150 per month

R300 per month (Servers)

R300 plus R100/R50 per extra terminal (4 onwards)

Call Out, normal business hours (8:30PM to 5:00PM)

The cost of call out rates (if contract is not pre-paid) is:

- R250.00 Call-Out plus labour @ R250-00 p/h (Johannesburg Area)

- R300.00 Call-Out plus labour @ R250-00 p/h (outside 50Km Radius from our Offices)

Please note if you do not have a service contract or if your accounts overdue  you would still be assisted on the phone (without being given preference) but you would have to deposit into the account below two hundred and fifty rands before any assistance will be given.

O ptions are applied per branch and all monies are payable up-front on the first day of every consecutive month.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that deposits are made into the correct account and that deposit slips are faxed to the contractor as proof of payment.  Any dispute arising from a situation where no facsimile of proof of payment has been received concerning support will be handled at the discretion of the contractor.

Banking Details         : ABA Bulbulia - Witel   -  First National Bank
Branch                        : Fordsburg -  Branch Code 252505
Account Number       :62 029 98 2601                       

I  _____________________________hereby confirm that I have read through all the terms and

conditions of this contract and acknowledge that I accept and understand them.

Thus  done and signed at: ________________
______________________ Date:______________________

Full Name: _________________________Signed: __________________________   (Client)

Full Name:_________________________Signed: _________________________

Full Name:_________________________Signed:____________________________


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