My Review of the release version of CompuByte .Net POS

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Sergey P.

My Review of the release version of CompuByte .Net POS

Post by Sergey P. » October 15th, 2007, 10:51 am

I have read what Jason an ex-employee at CompuByte had to say in his message “Blast from The Past” and also the stuff written by Sashi (AISEC) and my response to this is :-

Like them I have had the oppertunity to work with Basit and indeed it has been an experience and learning curve that is priceless. Basit's DOS version was a decade ahead of its competition; his .Net windows version is at least twice that. .

I will qualify and quantify my statement with these facts

1) The .Net version is truly an enterprise (ERP) system at a price less than .1% of any compatible ERP system. I have worked on many enterprise systems and even those like SAP costing over a million US comes no way close to functionality or ease of use of the .Net POS CompuByte system. While many have criticized Basit for using lots of Eastern European programmers all young and with no business experience or savvy ; I have seen Basit mould the code of these programmers to create an interface unique and workable; after almost three years of coding the current release version is a masterpiece. I strongly feel (unlike Sashi from AISEC) that he should not make his software free and public domain.

2) Basit has managed to standardize his reports to utilize simple CSV files ; which is becoming a standard worldwide for data harvesting; what makes his method unique is the placement and formatting of the report; not only is this simple but has the option to link with Crystal Reports seamlessly using a ADO net connection. This type of reporting is invaluable for a business as it allows for seamless customization to suite specific needs.

3) I have yet to see in any program; so much detail and effort put into simplicity of use; simple things like fast or slow mode or use of prompts that anyone could familiarize themselves with; within minutes. I asked my wife who still uses WordPerfect and sometimes Lotus on a old IBM 286 machine to use CompuByte POS to invoice her customers and keep stock of her perfume range.. She was using it unprompted by me within five minutes. The only time she asked me what to do is when she needed to end the document.. When I said to her press the damn END key she thought I was being sarcastic until she did so.

4) Basit is indeed impatient and easily irated by stupidity; his innovative style of programming and meticulous passion for bug free programs makes many programmers including myself cringe at what he might say after sending him some code. He has never used code without doing changes to it; documenting everything and ensuring that it not only works but is reusable in other routines.

5) I have often tried to convince Basit to use databases like SQL or even ProSgres but he would insist on using his own. Initially I was skeptical and felt why invent the wheel again until I realized the advantages of this; no jirky indexing no bloated storage no maintenance no separate set up and configurations ; everything is done within his code as long as you knew the size of the fields and you can easily generate a CSV file for portability.

6) CompuByte is the only POS program in the world that is customizable by the user with a set of (500) parameters.

Now you must be wondering if I am going to be critical about the program; indeed I am. Too much time; resources and code is put into the .Net version to cater for the old DOS users. Keeping the DOS Version integrated is pure sentimental value for Basit and makes no business sense. I would say dump the dos version. I have been party to the discussion with Microsoft SA to market CompuByte POS and they feel exactly the way I do. .

My two cents worth . . :roll:

Ukrain (RAC TOP coder for the past decade)

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Re: My Review of the release version of CompuByte .Net POS

Post by basit » September 17th, 2015, 12:29 am

You too kind . . . :D :)

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