Adding or changing your logo that prints on the thermal slip printer

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Adding or changing your logo that prints on the thermal slip printer

Postby muhammed.patel6005 » October 5th, 2015, 12:53 pm

If you would like to Add/edit your logo on the slip please ensure you have the following prerequisites :
    -Your logo is in black and white and is saved as a bitmap file (monochrome bmp.).
    -You have the NV Image tool program (can be located in local C: drive within the other or downloaded from and search for NVImageTool.

Once you have your logo ready, open the NVImagetool software and ensure the following :
    -Port configuration is set to SRP-350plus.
    -Port setting (Click on the port setting button) and ensure the LPT radiobutton is selected using LPT1.

Now, click on the open file button and upload your image, It will then be added to the list on the left hand side.
Click on the name in the list to view the image and then click the download button to download the image to the printer.
Click on print to print a test slip to ensure it has loaded properly.
Your new logo should now print to the slip when printing slips through compubyte.

If your using a USB cable for thermal slip printer, download this zip file

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