Archived Updates : 11 June 2007 to 8 Nov 2007

Information on all updates done to the
.Net CompuByte POS software
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Archived Updates : 11 June 2007 to 8 Nov 2007

Postby basit » February 12th, 2012, 11:00 pm

Changes made 8 November 2007

Enhancements has been made to allow touch screens to fully intergate with the software; new button "Choose Document" and "Stock Pictures" in main form and in end document form to more button at the lower right hand side. . . Fastfood businesses can now have their menu's displayed graphically.

New Parameters Added:-

225 - [TAKE] Size of Graphic in Main MENU
The graphical menu items appearing can be sized from 0 to 9 (0 smallest 9 largest)

226 - [TAKE] Size of Graphic in Display of Items in TakeAway Business (Must be inserted to display menu items on right arrow)

The graphical size from 0 to 9 (0 smallest 9 largest). Please note you must click on the Main Menu and choose the option below Access Code Usage --> Set up Graphic Stock Pic's then choose the groups from which the stock pictures are to be displayed. By doing this you will refresh all pictures to your local drive for faster access.

227 - Insert 1 to suppress CTRL key to use salesperson for scanners that uses ctrl as a prefixafter a scan

Some scanners send a CTRL key to the keyboard when a bar code is scanned; you can disable this using the scanner software or set this parameter to 1. If after a barcode scan the focus is set to salesperson than this is the parameter to change.

228 - TAKE] Insert the default Group Number to use when displaying images(pictures) when using the right arrow after setting parameter 226

The normal default is Group Two if you need any other group to display please ensure that you insert the group number here.

Changes made 1 November 2007

We welcome the Zollanvari Group of companies world wide (Iran, Switzerland,Germany and USA - to our .Net POS Software. Special changes have been made to cater for tracking their unique and exquisite one of made rugs . . A quote from their web site : “In an age when much of the world¹s population was still dressing in sheepskins, the Persians were developing an industry - an amalgam of art, craft and science - which has amazed and fascinated all, from the royalty of every realm, to the most fashion conscious afficionados in every walk of life. . . .

We at CompuByte like uniqueness and the ideals of perfection; most definitely our offices will adorn their rugs . .

Changes made 31 October 2007

Now instead of a drop down menu to choose a document you have a graphic representation of documents ; you can choose by clicking the image or just moving to next document with arrow (or entering a number)

Orders placed by customers and orders you placed with Suppliers can now be edited and updated using F7 KEY (retreive document).

Changes made 17 October 2007

Display and speed improvements made to all Reports.

Changes made 12 October 2007

We welcome the Al-Baik Group of Companies and all their current and new stores; who will be using our .Net version of the software for their outlets. Newest store opened in Lenasia (Signer Terrace) - go and visit them for the tastiest chicken you ever will taste . Ashraf Jamal of Inamandla is doing all their software and hardware support ; if you require more info on how takeaway stores can also use CompuByte feel free to contact him through his website :-

Please also note Ashraf is also authorized to install CompuByte software in the Gauteng region.

New Parameters Added:-

220 – You can now insert all the command line parameters to run before the CompuByte POS software is executed. Example: NET USE F: \\\C all command must be separated by |

221 - You can directly link the branch number to an account number when you sending stock to branches . This helps in quickly sending stock to branches from the PLU prompt. All you do is insert a * (star) and then the branch number and immediately the document would be prepared for transfer to a branch.

222 - Works similar to 221 but is used at the branch when they receiving the stock by pressing the F7 key ; so in this case you just insert what account number(creditors) where the stock is coming from.
To see the efficiency and speed of use and the manner in which this works ; visit DADA’s Shoes in Marabastad – Pretoria, they have also all their stocks linked with their web cams to the picture database.

223 – You can set no label printing as a default when receiving goods.

224 – You can now by default set the number of copies to print for any document. Nice for lay buys when you need to auto choose two or three documents. Please note we also have modified parameter 212 so that if you insert a C it will auto print the document without prompting for a print.

For takeaway outlets we now have parameter 217 to only print kitchen items to be prepared and also activated the F10 key which won’t print to the kitchen for items like drinks etc. The stk-par.tak and stk-dis.tak files must be copied into the \programs and \ram directory as STK-PAR and STK-PAR. (no .tak extension) for the take away module to be activated (this must only be done once and when a new installation is done)

Changes made 21 September 2007

Does the .Net version work as fast as the DOS version?
Now it surely does - insert 1 in parameter 10/11 and 12 and see for yourself ---> You can still slow it down by pressing th F5 key.

New Kewl Stuff :-

If you insert a Promotion Price you can link this price to any Account by inserting [P next to Account Name.

Discount Matrix for specific customers can be set now from the Top Menu.

Changing of system Time and Dates now tracked by the system.

You can now edit Labels and also print quick labels by using 8 from the Menu - Order With Supplier.

Parameter 98 now if activated allows a GLOBAL discount at ending of Document.

You can now also see what price you last sold a product at - linked to cash and account customers.

Stock Reports with quick analysis (Totals)

New Parameter 215-219

215 - Now allows you to direct printing to specific printer ports
216 - Directs printing to specific forms (slip printer) or A4
217 - Second Copy can be sent to another printer
218 - Allow access to specific documents based on which Operator is Logg'ed on - Now loging off from main form allows a change of Operator only
219 - For spare SHOPS a Full Catalogue 1.2 million parts available by pressing F3 key at PLU prompt - Insert Make of Car and part needed.

Changes made 3 August 2007

- Cleaner Layout Main windows
- Enhanced Functionality
- Dont allow sale below percentage markup parameter 30 now incorporated to .Net

New Parameter 212-214

212:[STA] INSERT 1 TO USE LOGO-A4.JPG from \PROGRAMS directory on A4 paper -- add a C in here if you dont want a preview of document - also a C on it's own will disable printpreview
213:[DRIVE] Insert what Drive Letter is DOS programs shelled from (if left empty will use installed drive)
214:[STA] Insert 2 if custom stationery like Martin's tyres is used

Changes made 30 June 2007

1) Payment by Debtors now on .Net Pos Menu
2) Payment to Creditoes now on .Net Pos Menu
3) Reporting further enhanced.
4) New Button on Form (red) to clear form
Changes made 12 June 2007

1) Stop the changing of selling price Parameter 27

New Parameters 201-211

201:[BRA] .Net> Insert Company number and drive letter for each company Eg: 1=C 2=F 3=Y
=>Used when each branch is on a different drive using a VPM (Hamachi)

202:Enter All info on Print outs for cash slips Example - No refunds / No exchanges (Slash used for separate lines)

203:Enter All info on Print outs for deposit slips Example - kept for 3 months only / 10% refund only (Slash) used for separate lines)

204:[BRA] Enter 1 if your branch info resides on local server or if you have a high speed access link

205:[BRA] Insert the drive locations when retreiving .exp files (exported files) from branches Eg 1*=F:\A3\ OR 3*=Y:\A15\
=>Used when VPN is created and a invoice from one branch is sent to another; Example if branch 3 send goods(invoices) to branch 4 and the account number for branch 4 is 15 then the file on branch 3's computer will be stored is C:\A15; in the parameter 205 at branch 4 you must insert the drive letter mapped for branch 4 which lets assume is Y then you would insert 3*Y:\A15\

206:[VAT] Insert VAT RATE


208:[MENU] Access Codes (4 Characters) for various Documents in POS -> Set as follow 1=1234 2=3456 3=786 etc where 1=Account Sales 2=Credit Notes 3=Cash Sales 19=Goods Receiving 13=Quotes 17=Orders from Customers 16=Lay Buys 6=Orders from Suppliers (Code must be 4 characters only) level 8 and above Access has auto access

209:[COST] Enter 1 to suppress the display of cost next to entry number in POS for all documents besides Goods Receiving

210:[DISPLAY] Set the Point value (Size) of each Column in the POS display of items (Listview) Eg 0=100 1=10 2=100 3=150 4=1000 (This will set the entry number as 100 ; cost 10 ; PLU as 100 and Description as 1000 points)


Changes made 11 June 2007

1) Parameter 208 - you can now block credit notes or accounts sales with access codes ect
2) Selling Prices in Goods Receiving fixed to match inserted values always.

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