Installation of CompuByte POS software for Restuarants

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Installation of CompuByte POS software for Restuarants

Post by muhammed.patel6005 » February 13th, 2017, 11:46 am

In order to configure the compubyte software for restaurant purposes, please follow the following steps:

Step 1: installation
install the compubyte software.
after inputting company details set the store type to takeaways/restaurant

step 2: configuration
open the parameters and configure the following entry number:
414 - insert 1 here to activate the restaurant module
217 - Insert the port number of the kitchen printer e.g LPT2
226 - insert the required size you would like to display for the menu images, 3 is the recommended image value
228 - insert the default group number to display the pictures , default would be group number 2
233 - insert 9 to set the default document module to load as order from customer, so that the program always goes back to this module after a sale

step 3: stock loading and setup
enter the goods receiving module , select new stock item, then new group and create your groups as follows:

group 1 : raw materials -this group must contain all the raw materials used to create a dish eg. eggs, meat, rice ,etc.

group 2 : tips -this groups is compulsory as it used to calculate and monitor waiter tips automatically, this group should contain a code for each waiter serving tables. e.g 2-1 = muhammed

group 3+ : these groups serve as your menu item categories e.g starters, mains, desserts

you may now begin adding stock items to your groups using the relevant fields below group selection, remember to capture images for your items or browse to add existing pictures for them. make sure you click the update button after each menu item.

once all your items have been added into the relevant groups , you can now select main menu on the top left, scroll down to setup graphic stock pics, follow through the prompts and a notification prompt will read done!!

as a result of the above you can now use the right arrow at the plu screen to list the menu categories and display its relevant picture.

step 4: using the restaurant module for sales
upon login of the program,you will be at the order from customer module with a list of table numbers underneath the accounts.
here you will choose the table number that is placing an order.
the table will be flagged as open and you can then build your order.
once you've ended the document, one slip will print to the kitchen and the other for the customer.

when the customer is ready to the table number again and it will automatically convert it to a sale, add the waiters tip using a code from the tips group depending on the waiter and then proceed to ending the document.

for information on how to monitor the programs,waiter tips,financials etc. please contact our support line on 0117913763 and we will be glad to assist.

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