Courses - What is Taught

We now providing training at no cost to all compubyte service contract clients; the training will be between 2pm and 9pm every Tuesday's and Thursday's. You can choose a one hour course any time you wish . .
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Courses - What is Taught

Post by basit » December 5th, 2006, 9:28 am

CompuByte Courses

Available Tuesdays and Thursdays – Weekly


101 - Beginner – Introduction to computers
102 - Windows 10

201 - Introducing to CompuByte .Net POS and it’s integration with the DOS version.
202 - Using CompuByte .Net POS software. (Inserting Stock Goods Receiving and Invoicing)
203 – CompuByte Reports Part 1

401 – Branch Importing and exporting of Reports – Part 1
402 – Branch Importing and exporting of Reports – Part 2

Please note each training course has a maximum of 5 students and we don’t recommend more than one module done per training day. Bookings must be done at least a week in advance and the entry evaluation forms must be completed.

These courses are free to service contract clients only. Individuals must have salary remuneration proof to indicate that they work for the company.

CompuByte Training
June 2007

Evaluation Questions:-

Please do the following tasks so that we could evaluate what training courses you would be advice you on which training classes you need to attend.

1) Switch your PC of and then On again using the windows interface
2) Introduce the My Computer icon to the Desktop.
3) Display the names and number of drives on the system.
4) Create a shortcut on the desktop to run any program on your hard-drive
5) Explain the you of the windows explorer
6) Open Word and create a short document with ten lines of “The ugly big brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”
7) Open Excel and create a simple sheet with ten rows of the numbers 1 to 10 and ten columns with the headers 1 to ten (alphabetically)
8) Open the command prompt program (MS DOS)
9) Display what is a back slash and what is a forward slash
10) Use the newest .Net program and explain . . .

This test simply gives us insight of your current skills and does not reflect on your IQ; intelligence or any other skills. Please do not be intimidated by it.

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