Using equal sign for fast data input at PLU

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Using equal sign for fast data input at PLU

Post by shamshoodeen » October 7th, 2015, 1:10 pm

To create the file do the following:-

At the PLU you press the equals key (=) ,Right click on the mouse on the white block that comes up,It will then open up a notepad which you can enter your fast data input example: Software ,And if you want to edit the name and the price and quantity to your quick input PLU data than you should add a ( /)
example: Software /
If you add a double // you will be to edit only the price and unit not description
example: Software//
If no slashes are used after the text the complete text will be used without any edit prompts.

To use the file do the following :-

Just press the equal key at PLU prompt and select the desired option from the drop down by clicking on it or pressing enter on the choice.

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