SETTING up a USB/Parallel or Serial slip printer

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SETTING up a USB/Parallel or Serial slip printer

Post by muhammed.patel6005 » September 11th, 2015, 10:20 am

A quick way to setup any POS printer (USB /parallel or serial) is to go to Quick setup - new installation on Login Screen and then choose number of printers then from the drop down choose name of slip printer

Below : Is the old way to setup printer
  • 1)Right click on my computer and make a note of the computer name where the printer is attached.

    2) Access the printer properties and set the sharing name to "SLIP" do this by clicking on windows start and search for device and printers - once the printer icon is visible right click on attached printer to see its properties. then on the share tab set accordingly.

    3) Open command prompt and enter the following


    (Please note all underscores are spaces)

    (Please note replace POS-1 with the computer name found in instruction 1)

    4) In COMPUBYTE login screen click on network setup and click on add then set drive as LPT4 and the path will be \\(computer name\slip) Where computer name is the note from point 1.
    Refer to attachment for example.

    5) In COMPUBYTE select quick setup - new installation, change printer value to plus 1,and select LPT4 as new printer then press OK.

    6) Please ensure that the printer is configured to print through the spool-er by going to Devices and printers, right clicking the correct printer, selecting properties and in the advanced tab, select the "spool print document so program finishes printing faster" radio button.
Point number six
Point number six
Point number four should be configured as per this image
Point number four should be configured as per this image

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