how to do a day end report

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how to do a day end report

Post by larissa » May 7th, 2009, 11:30 am

Day ends are done form the Main Menu - chose the day end from the drop down menu or use and icon based on parameter 318 being set.

You can also get a transaction file ; similar to day end but has only a transaction list (Make sure your merge files when requested to do so)

Fo this :-

Right-click and open the Innovative CompuByte POS Software from your desktop. Log into the program by putting in your Operator Number and Operator Password and press enter key on your keyboard.

On Main Menu screen you can choose any icon menu and on Tool bar click main menu scroll down and click on day end put on the access code, your day end report will appear on the screen. or you can just click on the day end button, its written in bold with red colour at the top right of your screen put on the access code and your day end report will appear on your screen.

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