How to re-size F4 menu item and making use of access code

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How to re-size F4 menu item and making use of access code

Postby larissa » February 13th, 2009, 4:43 pm

The F4 menu contains: Cash Sale, Account Sales, Cash Refund, Lay-Buy,Quotation, Goods Receiving, Goods Returning, Order with Supplier, Order from Customer and Credit Note. If you need to resize this menu item, because maybe you are not using all menus and just want few of them displayed request an acces code for each.
Do the following:
Open innovative compubyte software, on the loging screen, click on the parameters button.
Re-sizing: You can either type in the search field size, or in the Entry field, put 225, then press Enter, read instruction and put a size from 0 to 9.
Acces code for Module: In the Entry feld, put in 208, then press Enter, and follow instructions carefully.

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