How to view a Quick Report of specific item on CompuByte POS

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How to view a Quick Report of specific item on CompuByte POS

Post by takalani » January 30th, 2009, 2:54 pm

Open your CompuByte POS program(Right-click on the CompuByte Icon, on your desktop window, and click Open) your Login screen will appear on your desktop. Put in your Operator number and your Operator password,
Then press Enter to get logged onto the program.

Know your in the program, and what you want to do is to view a quick report of a particular item. e.g Let's say for Example you have the Lee's item in your stock and You want to have a quick report on your Lee T-shirt.

-You can go to Cash Sale and on PLU; where your cuasor is blinking, you type in Lee+ to search all your Lee's in stock. Then you can go to that particular item Lee T-shirt and click on it.

-On you PLU; it will show you whats the PLU code for that particular item.
-Then on your right next to the Stock Pictures button, It will show you the
size matrixes for that item and how many you have in stock, and the

description of the item.
-And on top you'll see Stock Info:
--On stock Info you'll see the description of the item; what you have in stock, what you have in back-order, and purchase-order.
-To further quick analyse stock you can click on Analyse Stock button,
And it will show you how everything was taken, how stock was taken of that item, the proformer and the order values.

-You can also click Enlarge Analysis and it will show you how much sale you did, how much purchases you did per week. And it will also show you the Total Sales and Average

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Re: How to view a Quick Report of specific item on CompuByte POS

Post by basit » September 17th, 2015, 10:55 pm


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