Viewing your Employees Report on CompuByte POS program

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Viewing your Employees Report on CompuByte POS program

Post by takalani » January 8th, 2009, 9:37 am

Open the CompuByte POS program, Log into the program.
On the Main Menu screen, you can select Cash Sale...

-Then, on your cash sales screen, click on Reports and go down click on Employees Report
Then put in the Access Code and Enter

Select from which Date To which Date you want to view the report
You can click on SHOW IMAGES, only when your employee uses Webcam when they log in and out
-->Click on Enlarge Analysis to view in more details:
-In there you can see what your employee logged in and what time they logged out
-You can also see which employee was absent at
-Also, you can view the total employee worktime

-You can also click on Save CSV, put the Access code in, and press enter.
Put in the fiel name and click save
--Then you'll have a prompt: Do You Want to Open this file in Excel, then you can click yes to view it in Excel or print in Excel

-You can also click Print Grid:
-->You'll have a prompt; If only analysis to be printed. Click NO
-->Choose how you want to print page: Portrait or Landscape, just click on the radiobutton to select and click OK
--> Select the printer you want to print from then click Print button
--> You Analysis page will be displayed, on Top left click on the printer icon, then your analysis will be printed.

Important : Your must have Employer monitoring on (insert 1) in the parameters 265 (and preferable a webcam cost of from compubyte is R150.00)

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