How to view stock analysis on compubyte program?

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How to view stock analysis on compubyte program?

Post by larissa » December 5th, 2008, 2:09 pm

(Item sold and who it was sold to.)
Open compubyte innovative Point Of Sale program, and login.
From any menu icon (cash sale, account sale, quotation....etc), do the following:
→ Go to Reports and select Stock Analysis Report.
→Put in your access code, choose right company and date, and then click on OK
A report generator will appear for you to see everything what happening to your stock (mainly item quantity before and after stock).
Note: Also when calling up an item, you can now right click on any line item on the List of items to view the following dropdown menus:
Delete Item – will delete any line on the list
Edit Item – Allows you to edit any item
Send to Lost Sale – Insert an item to the Lost Sale list (In Reports Menu)
View Graph from last – Using this will allow a quick view of the movement status of a stock item.
View Quick Stock Analysis – This shows the monthly sales of any item quickly and also displays most of the fields for the stock item
Edit Note/Delete note – These two items are used to insert a further picture/s into the stock file and also detailed notes of the stock item. If used will always display these notes and pictures when the stock item is called up. Nice feature for further describing a stock item or even giving salesperson some instructional notes like? “Do sell these items with these codes etc”.

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Re: How to view stock analysis on compubyte program?

Post by basit » January 21st, 2016, 9:12 am

Hi there !

It could be a file corruption - could you please call the office or me and I could check the file for you.


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