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Postby basit » March 24th, 2008, 11:19 am

23 March 2008

The latest update from\updates (file name pos-upd.exe 2.4mb) is what now makes CompuByte the leader in Point of Sale software worldwide.

With the imminent release of Visual Studio 2008 from Microsoft in South Africa we had no choice but to bring in the best of the best on the .net circuit to our shores. Hendry of Indonesia (Microsoft certified MCSD developer and senior lecturer) has joined our team in South Africa ; his utter brilliance can be seen from the opening form on the latest CompuByte software. . .

Major changes has been done to the software to ensure data integrity that’s unmatched by any other program in the world. You now have a Audit file from the main menu that plots every transaction across all terminals on your network.

More artificial intelligence added to the software ; debtors and creditors payments now tracked and auto updated . .

More updates to follow weekly . .

Visit the update information forum below . .

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