General Question! (Ordering - Stock editing)

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General Question! (Ordering - Stock editing)

Post by bossalino » February 4th, 2008, 9:06 am

I imputed an order for a specific company and then retrieved it and converted it to a grn. i had to do this twice and the company delivered the order in two separate invoices. On doing it the second time i noticed the 1st lot of goods were not removed from the original order. Am i missing a permiter's or do i need to go back and manually edit the order.

2) an Australia friend of mine talks of a software they have there which basically pops up a reminder when a specific items reaches it's re order level. is it possible to do some thing like this at the branches and also update it a bit by making it update a xls document ( like how the access usage or audit is updated and can be deleted) and automatically email it to head office. Just a suggestion. :)

3) i know you have tons to do in fully integrating the .net software and have many ideas which you working on. is it possible to have a short cut of the edit stock button in the stock menu where you can edit single items instead of doing it through the goods receiving.

4) How does the stock analysis and stock ordering work in the .net stock menu.

I'm glad to see many people imputing their views in this forum for us to look at and read.

Thanks Zaki.

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Editing orders.

Post by basit » February 4th, 2008, 9:21 am

Once again Zaki thanks for the suggestions and questions.

When orders are placed you should ensure that each order is placed and entered based on delivery (in your case). Yes if an order delivery date is changed you have to edit the document which can become a shlap so as indicated before I am busy working on a better solution.

A pop up reminder of ordering can become daunting to the user busy with a sale etc; so we auto insert to a reorder file called LostSales.CSV in the directory \programs everytime a items is below order level or out of stock. Will have a menu item to display this from .net soon.

The reason why we do all editing of stock through the stock adjustement account in GRN is for security ; we need an audit of changes in stock etc.

In the .Net version if you click on Stock Analysis button on any item you will immediately get a summery of stock movement which you can enlarge and get a good indication of movement of stock and then re-order the items. The old dos version also has an AI order interface which we busy converting for .Net with more functionality.

Hope this helps. .


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