Whats New in Most Recent UPDATES . .

Most current Updates explained.
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Whats New in Most Recent UPDATES . .

Post by basit » January 5th, 2006, 6:22 pm

May 2007

.Net Version has been released for web download (132mb) for full version see Top of Forum Index for downloading instructions.

April 2007

.Net Version has been released in limited editions. Please call us if you require a demo; only available on CD currently as size of download with .Net Framework 2.0 exceeds 75mb.

March 2007

.Net Version is still on track . .

New directory created called \ANAL which now keeps csv files for analysis in Excel for each account as well as for sales in a month.

Parameter 173 for commision based on profit made eg: 0-10=0;11-20=1;21-100=10

Commissions will be analysed as follows and profit made bewteen 0% to 10% will get no commision 11 to 20% will get 1% . . .

February 2007

In salesperson menu (Debtors Module) ; you now have an extra option to view sales per month per debtor etc . . creates a csv loadable in Excel. Great for analysing sales for particular debtors over many months. (with profit analysis)

The .Net Version release in now final for 26 March 2007. Pricing will be annouced once finalised.

A few major changes to cater for launch; we now have increased the document numbers from 32000 to 1million. The sequence will still change from S0 to S1 so you will now be able to keep re-prints of 10 million documents.

** Please follow instructions on installation refer August to December 2006 **

January 2007

A Prosperous and happy New Year ! !

We on track with the development of the .Net version of the POS system for Vista; a few minor problems around licensing and whether we should also keep the code backward compatible to windows XP and 98SE. Since we will be running both dos and .net version together many changes have to be still tested and hopefully the release version will be fairly bug free. You always will still have the dos version which is very stable and bug free to fall back on :)

If you have loaded an update before the 11 Jan 2007 and after Dec 2006 PLEASE download this new update as the dayend and backup is changed.

August to December 2006

This is hopefully our last update for the DOS version of the CompuByte Software. As most of you already know we in the completing stage of the windows vista version of our software to be released 15 days after the official Vista release 15 February 2007.

In the meantime we are preparing the current dos version of the software to flawlessly integrate with the windows version under .Net 3.0. By doing so we have to increase the size of the various fields in the stock program this update comes to you after being tested for almost 4 months.

This is the major things it will change.

1) Stock fields increased per record by 2400(bits) – That is why you have to make sure the update is done on your main machine(server) while all the terminals are off or exited to DOS. If you have many branches the updates must be simultaneously done at all branches to maintain data integrity. Please also make a FULL backup using the compubyte backup.exe program from the previous updates.
2) Many new features have been added to the current CompuByte DOS version which will greatly enhance the functionality of the program.
3) The first time you get to the MAIN MENU of the program it will begin doing all the data conversions for you.
4) You must re-index the stock file if you want to use the new PLU and CATALOGUE searches ; using * and \ (see 6 below). Re-Indexing is done from the stock program using print stock sheets and than inserting INDEX at the index field.
5) If you using Hamachi an have multiple branches ; you can now connect directly to the branches and move between programs very much quicker; also you can now use windows remote desktop to take control of any PC on your network.

Software Enhancements:-

1) New Menu item’s on Page Two of POS system: View Stock History and view AUDIT files of any Stock Item. Chose Option 3.
2) You can now have up to a 100 salespersons (before restricted to 19)
3) Credit Notes can now be checked against Invoices and invoice could be retrieved with the stock items supplied; you can than choose which items to credit etc.
4) If you using sizing matrixes you cannot now edit the size grid in the stock program; you have to do all edited of stock items from the Goods-Receiving program using or creating an account call adjustments.
5) Viewing of the usage of Access Codes can now be opened in Excel as a CSV file directory. The files is called notes.acc
6) Now you can search in the PLU code field using the * (star); previously you used the / (slash) to search for items in description; also searching in catalogue is now possible using the \ (back slash).
7) Setting promotions using start date and time etc has been further enhanced to use the (at) to start # to end etc.
8) More new an innovative functionality added to the ordering system to allow better functionality.
9) You now can set selling margins in the group description and at the individual item level: Example if Group Two is called Jeep TOPS and has a set markup of twenty five percent; all you do is insert next to the description of the group [M1:25 . You can also set a markup for an individual item by inserting [M1:35 in the Special Parameter’s field. (You must have the open square bracket).
10) Vat Reports in the Debtors Section for Cash and Accounts SALES now exclude branch sales and also has a better report analysis.

July 2006

1) Inter branch transfers further automated; so now if one or more branches were down(no internet connectivity); as soon as they come up; you can enter 2 at auto send exp file and all files that were not sent will be sent as required. (no need to manually copy files over)

2) New companies cannot be now created from the Main Menu without a supervisor code from the default company.

3) If you have your branches (companies) on a VPN using hamachi you can now from the main menu backup all the branches information to your local drive by setting parameter 181 with each branches ip's.(just dont include your local drives IP). BackupB.exe can also be used to automate this backup with the windows schedular. Also from your main menu you can set the drives to use local data. For the most latest info you have to at the branches use the file transfer option on the Point of Sale menu(right arrow twice from menu parameter 128 and 181 must be set to use this function)

4) Backup program now has branch backups on the menu (press f1 while backing up you can choose a menu)

June 2006

1) Thanks to Yunus (micromedia) - we have now intergrated revolving credit (At terms prompt Debtors insert M3 M6 etc where M? is number of months to pay) - Cash drawer also opens when receipt generated.
2) Now when END key is press in Point of Sale at amount tendered you can press Left arrow or Up arrow and go back to invoicing etc. (old way you had to press enter till you see number of copies than press the left arrow)

3) Improved the handling of incompleted documents (power out or printer offline) - must complete that document only before continuing.

4) Cash Draw also now opens on CashUp - Z reading.

5) Backup further improved .

6) Stock request from branches (sizing) now intergrated fully.

May 2006

1) Paid outs now handled on lpt2 / lpt3 printers.

2) Inter Branch transfers over VPN now also indicated those transfer that occured while drives were down and storage when down remains in \A? account directory.

3) Paid Outs faster spool'ed to LPT2 (2nd Printer) and now kick draw support for all types of printers that support the kick cable. [P in cash draw parameter will activate >Control codes chr$(27);chr$(112);chr$(1) )

4) If you using a VPN (wireless network or ADSL network) paramater 180 ; you can now book a size from any of the branches connected.All you do is insert the usual * (star) and than the size you requesting; if the branch you requesting from has a size it will get a messge to send you the stock :) - Also note now the .exp files are auto sent to the branches if you doing a cash sale and choose to send the stock to a branch.

Please note we now also have FREE training for all CompuByte Service Contract clients at our Ranburg Office.

April 2006

1) Thanks to MOD Fashions (Brakpan - Mohamed) we now have a switch to paramter 42 where a percentage to cost CODED for lable print can be activated. This is useful if you want your cost on the lable to be displayed in a coded form with vat included - this does not affect your cost on the sytem which will still be ex-vat.

2) Better page print outs for report generator when using USB printers

3) VPN functionality improved > add del x:ip. in your start-1.bat file before i.bat or menu.bat. Updates terminal bat files if more than one POS terminal exist --> will not search drives not available on ADSL or wireless networks.

4) By pressing F1 and V in POS you can view stock at branches with an improved interface.


5) In parameter 180 you can now force the main menu to return to local drive by inserting

Code: Select all

where C is the home drive. This is useful when using ADSL with VPN

6) Now you can just scan thermal barcode slips when doing receiving of stock from branches or Head Office . . A option for memory stick update is also available.

March 2006

1) Now when viewing (Y readings) - layout enhanced so that you can identify what column is being seen when you have many terminals.

2) Promotion priced stock items can now be scheduled by time:- So you could set promotions on items to start at a time on a specific date and end at a time on the same date or on another date - Promotions are set in the stock program; view the item you want to put on promotion and then insert a minus (-) to set the promotion, the F6 to F9 keys can be used to repeat the promotions.

Febraury 2006

1) Corrected printing of cheque and card info on stationery - with new payment method.

2) Payment methods further improved : Example if the value of the cash slip is R100 and the person inserts R10 at cash the prompt at card will auto display R90 ---> Thanks to MB Sports (Hammond)

3) For those who do inter branch transfers from cash sales ; you can now enter 0 (zero) at amount tendered and immediately insert the branch number to send the stock to. Please note parameter 180 must have the word TRANSFER in it and the branch account where you sending the stock to must have <BRA next to the name of the branch.

January 2006

1) Thanks to Joseph(Mamab Computer) we have now incorporated extra security for debtors control. If a cashier knows a debtors account number, the cashier could use the number and invoice or receipt, whilst password parameters can be set to disable this; it's not the best alternative. Now you can insert an extra security code in your debtors in the more details section at the Trade Reference/Security prompt- All you do is insert a capital S and a colon than the security code you require. Example: S:123456 will set a security code of 123456. Now when ever a debtor purchases he has to enter his/her security code or scan his/her bar coded card which can be printed with the new labeler program using choice"BD".
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Problem with USB

Post by basit » April 28th, 2006, 12:47 am

Hangs ! ! ! :oops:

The only time a system will hang when doing a day end is if one of items below are not correct:-

1) The start-1.bat file or term bat files (Eg: 1.bat/2.bat in \term\) does not have the line :-

Code: Select all

prn2file x:spool.
before I.bat

2) The parameters for USB are not set correctly as detailed under USB printing . .

3) A particular program or file is corrupted.

4) Day end automated parameters not set correctly - parameter 74

5) If win98 is used you must make sure that p.bat file in \programs looks like the one below:- (winlink.exe is the extra program line 7) in XP you dont have to use winlink.

Code: Select all

rem *** Created spool file ****
rem insert the line below to the icon bat file that starts the bat file
prn2file c:\ram\spool.
winlink.exe dosprint.exe c:\ram\spool.
del c:\ram\spool.
rem *** completed ***

If this problem still persist please let us know what operating system you are using (Xp or win98) and email the bat files and all para-n files so that we could check them.

Hope this sorts out your problem :)

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Post by Yunuskajee » December 12th, 2006, 5:03 pm

when is new pso demo available

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new Pos

Post by Yunuskajee » April 3rd, 2007, 9:36 am

Yes all the luck with new pos
May allah bless

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