Vat Changing for Zimbabwe Clients

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Vat Changing for Zimbabwe Clients

Postby basit » August 31st, 2005, 7:42 pm

The recent vat rate increase in Zimbabwe requires inserting of 4 digits for vat. Example 17.5

If you a Zim client please click on the file below. You will be asked to run the file or save it. Choose SAVE then insert the directory details where you want to save the file. If your server drive is F than insert F:\programs\vatc.exe.

The file will now be saved in the directory F:\programs

Then go to your DOS prompt and insert the following. Please note F: is the server drive if your server is Y or C insert accordingly.


When you do insert VATC at the dos promt in \programs directory you will be asked the company number. Insert the number Example 1 then press Enter. Then insert the vat percenatge 17.5
After downloading - run it as VATC - make sure you in the programs directory.
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