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What's New

Posted: June 21st, 2005, 7:48 pm
by basit
1) When choosing dates in Debtors (Transactions) Example 1st to 6th - now viewable as between dates without choosing record numbers

2) Parameter 193 now allows Invoicing without selling price (set to 1) - If set to 2 you can now disable price on each line but still have a total (Thanks to Yunus -Micromedia)

3) Parameter 91 can be set to 1 to update a price (selling) if one does not exist

4) If a description of a stock items begins with any of these characters $ # (at) than the system will automatically use second selling price.

5) If parameter 151 is now set to 1 - Inter branch invoicing will also appear at the bottom of an stock item when viewing the stock history,

6) Creditors module now also supports currency print outs - You can choose an outstanding list in the currency of your choice if you insert [C=$ (where $ is the currency symbol) next to the nae of a creditor.

7) In goods receiving you can now also have a view of where you last purchased the item from when you press the ~ (tidel) at the cost prompt - You can also view the cost in mutiple currencies if paramater 39 is set to 1 and parameter 139 is also set to 1.

8) Parameter 16 introduced for a seperate Access code for opening a NEW Debtors account in Point of Sale - Make sure you set this if you were using parameter 20 < important

9) If using the new labelling program you can now also print labels that were generated from other terminals - New choice which prompts terminal number.

10) Goods Receiving Note now has selling total with profit and percentage - Also displays difference in inputted value and calculated value of Creditors Invoice

Re: What's New

Posted: September 17th, 2015, 11:13 pm
by basit