Latest Update Downloadable Here ! ! !

This is where you download the latest updates, make sure you logged into the forum with your name. If you not logged on you will not see the update file ! ! !
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Latest Update Downloadable Here ! ! !

Post by basit » May 18th, 2005, 6:54 pm

Important Notice :-

Please ensure that your service contract payments are up to date (pre-paid) and that your account is not overdue :)

Also make sure you are registered on this forum and logged in.

More info on service contracts click on this link :

Also SMS (+27824104777) or email( for a serial number for this update -Make sure you have your company name and account on hand . .

Don't forget to comment on the update and also click on the POLL

To see whats the latest on this update and have detailed information visit the forum "Detailed information on Monthly Updates"

To download this UPDATE click below on Download - Make sure you logged into the forum or you will not see the download. . . :lol: :roll:

Important : Always make a Backup before you install a new update and read what the UPDATE is all about at the main forum page:

Download Updates from
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well done

Post by Renate » May 18th, 2005, 8:21 pm

well done on a very informative and interactive forum. :)

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