April 2005 (8)

USB printing has been supported on CompuByte software.
Please read the information below carefully and also view the video file below.

A few things you have to know when you install or choose to purchase a USB printer.

a) USB printers are registered in windows and made specially for the windows environment You must have a version of windows installed that uses USB ports (win98 wix xp) - To know on which port your printer is installed in windows check the properties on the printer (right click on printer and choose port) - the printer may be installed on USB001 or LPT1 etc - Always make sure that parameter 140 is set accordingly.

*** Important :- If you using a USB cable insert it always in the same USB port and make sure the cable is connected before you begin the CompuByte program ***

b) The terminal where the USB printer is installed must have in the startup bat file (program that runs CompuByte) the following: \programs\pr2file c:\ram\spool inserted in the 1st line - this directly spools all prints to the USB file.

c) In Invoicing and Goods receiving the f5 key needs not be pressed if para 140 is set correctly (eg. 2>usb001) - however in all other modules the f5 key must be pressed to preview printout and print.

d) Labeling can be used with USB if our new label software is installed.

e) Ensure that you have p.bat and ps.bat in \programs directory.

f) The nature of USB printers in a Point of Sale environment does not allow documents to be spooled directly, so don't expect direct printing to your printer to occur like a parallel printer. We therefore suggest that you rather choose a printer that has a parallel connection if you need immediate responses to the printer.

g) USB printing is simulated by CompuByte and because of the many external variables that could affect it's performance we cannot guarantee absolute reliability.

VIDEO FILE - VISUAL INSTALLATION ASSISTANCE (USB)- (Ensure that you have speakers attached and switched on a web browser that supports flash )
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