For the last three years we have been working on an all integrated Dashboard for CompuByte – It has been an expensive task but worth it ! ! !

What is a Dashboard?



This is the one stop place to get all your required reports and the best part of this is that the program will email you an excel and text format file (PDF) to easily view daily. Now with full cloud backup ! ! !

We selling this dashboard as an integrated program working with CompuByte at a low price of R995 per site for multi-site clients having a service contract; If you only have one site it will cost you R2000. Those who are not on service contract will have to purchase the program for R3000 per site.  If you interested in the program we will invoice you and you will have a week to play around with it ; if you like it you can pay for it otherwise we will just remove it from your computer.

Visit to view a live tutorial on how to use the dashboard.